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Meine Geschichte

My Story

What if I told you my story
and for just one moment you understood.

For just one moment when you saw
a rainbow flag in front of you
or a pink triangle
or a Pride March
you understood my victory.

And what if for just one moment
you saw me crumble beneath the hate
you saw me, your victim
shudder beneath your blow
you would understand my struggle.

And what if for just one moment
you felt my losses
you felt everything I never got
everything that left
and everything I could’ve been
you would understand my grief, my anger.

What if you walked down my path
and felt your hate
pour down like a tropical rainstorm
you would understand why I’ve hated myself.

And if for one moment
you could be inside me
when I am in love.
you would understand why I fight.

Dawn McCausland
(c) 1995